Own Your


a blissful postpartum experience is not only possible, it is your birthright!

your inner pleasure potential is waiting to be unleashed

lets make postpartum PLEASURE the norm for generations of women to come!

meet your pleasure coach

I am your Postpartum Pleasure Coach. I serve women and families who recognize that rather than postpartum depression, they want to experience postpartum connection, joy, and pleasure.

I want the first word we think of after ‘postpartum’ to be pleasure. Currently we think of ‘depression’ or ‘care’, ‘body’ or ‘recovery.’ Imagine if ‘postpartum pleasure’ was our standard expectation of life after labor, what would that world look like? The world needs moms to have access to their pleasure during pregnancy, postpartum, and beyond.

Accessing your pleasure and accessing your power go hand in hand and my work supports women in accessing more of both.

My experiences as mother, womban, daughter, certified Authentic Tantra® Practitioner, certified Vaginal Steam Facilitator, community activist, lover, tennis player, and Egoscue practitioner all inform the work I do with women, couples, and families. Thank you for your interest in my work. Please peruse my cite and social media. @jocelyn__charlene

Upcoming Events!

this informative, hands-on workshop will take place on zoom. you can email me postpartumpleasure@gmail.com to register
Past Events

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